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Why KMT?

KMT is the premier agency, management, and training facility for models, singers, dancers, and actors seeking growth and development for a thriving career in their passion. KMT eagerly works on behalf of our clients to make sure they get the best placement for their level of work. Our entertainers have appeared in network shows such as Modern Family, True Blood, Chicago Fire, and more. Our fashion models have been featured in campaigns for American Girl, New York Fashion Week, Latino Fashion Week, Men’s Health, Details, Suburban Life, Kane County, and Moda. We help our clients get results for the goals they set in action.

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It’s all about team effort with KMT. Our success comes from developing our talented clients to their fullest potential in an enthusiastic environment that encourages excellence. Our credibility is built on relationships we have fostered with the biggest agencies in NY, LA, and Europe. We are the only studio in the Midwest that provides full service to our clients; including development, imaging, placement and marketing. We are also swiftly sweeping the east coast with our Maryland location. We only manage talent with desire, motivation, and enthusiasm to pursue their true potential. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of KMT, please click the “JOIN KMT” tab to make your submission.

Developing your Fullest Potential

KMT brings out confidence and courage, while stomping out fear, with the goal being to completely eliminate the word fear from our vocabularies. When given the opportunity, KMT will work as hard as possible to bring its talent to the fullest potential so that we can then be confident of perfection when sending our talent out for jobs.

Industry Connections

With a rolodex of of industry connections from LA, to NYC, to Europe, to Asia, KMT joins forces to create the most capable and talented actors and models.

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