A personal assessment on how to get started in the industry? Or connections needed to maintain your industry status? KMT is the solution for the necessary steps it takes to stand out from your competition. You gain insight, industry gigs, access to other industry professionals and so much more.

iConsult is for you!

Phone: $125/hr

Video: $150/hr

In-Person: $197/hr


We meet our clients where they are in the industry; but we don’t let them stay there. KMT Consultants make it their mission to create a higher level of industry greatness for every client.  Individualizing a  breakdown on how to jump start or maintain a successful career path in the world of acting and modeling. The foundation of any journey is pivotal to the success and longevity of a career. Our Consultants provide connections, detailed information, insight, and knowledge tailored to the specific needs of the clients (i.e. full figured, actors, models, varies backgrounds etc.)
  • Industry Assessment
  • Define Talent / Know your Brand (Being more than just pretty face or handsome guy… Be a talent.)
  • Resume (layout/overview)
  • Knowing your Market
  • Portfolio Book *(models only – importance of building)
  • Test Shooting
  • Social Media (erase and rebuild, active in posting, post only relative to brand)
  • Goals & Deadlines
  • Execution Plan
  • iSupport  (Sets a timeline for your Execution Plan)