We recognize every model or talent has their own starting place in the industry.  Although we recommend beginning with iConsult; it’s not mandatory. For those who have no or very little experience – iConsult is for you!

Phone: $125/hr

Video: $150/hr

In-Person: $197/hr

We meet our clients where they are in the industry; but we don’t let them stay there. KMT Consultants make it their mission to create a higher level of industry greatness for every client.  Individualizing a  breakdown on how to jump start or maintain a successful career path in the world of acting and modeling. The foundation of any journey is pivotal to the success and longevity of a career. Our Consultants provide connections, detailed information, insight, and knowledge tailored to the specific needs of the clients (i.e. full figured, actors, models, varies backgrounds etc.)


  • Industry Assessment
  • Define Talent / Know your Brand (Being more than just pretty face or handsome guy… Be a talent.)
  • Resume (layout/overview)
  • Knowing your Market
  • Portfolio Book *(models only – importance of building)
  • Test Shooting
  • Social Media (erase and rebuild, active in posting, post only relative to brand)
  • Goals & Deadlines
  • Execution Plan
  • iSupport  (Sets a timeline for your Execution Plan)