With 30+ years of Industry Knowledge and Expertise; iSupport is what every model, actor and singer needs to stand out from the rest. Designed to provide the agent role without the huge commission price tag.  iSupport diminishes the competition, fear and intimidation the industry creates. We make your goals a priority by starting and maintaining a successful career path.

Results From iSupport...

  • Industry Connection – Full access to our rolodex of industry professionals.
  • Submission to Industry Jobs/Gigs.
  • How to be your own agent
  • A strategic plan of action; designed specifically for your needs.
  • Round table with Ms. Katrell, other agents and photographers.
  • Portfolio building/guidance
  • Measuring Potential for your Market.
  • Resume Building
  • Audition Prep 
  • Website Structure and Building
  • Results!
  • Social Media Platform and more…