Our Owners’s favorite strategy session because it eliminates roadblocks to industry success.  iSupport anticipates your competition, creates new opportunities and maximizes your growth.  It’s a 6 month committment to unleashing the model or actor within!

Results From iSupport...

The advantages of meeting with a KMT Consultant near you…
  • Industry Connection – Full access to our rolodex of industry professionals.
  • Submission to Industry Jobs/Gigs.
  • How to be your own agent
  • A strategic plan of action; designed specifically for your needs.
  • Round table with Ms. Katrell, other agents and photographers.
  • Portfolio building/guidance
  • Measuring Potential for your Market.
  • Resume Building
  • Audition Prep 
  • Website Structure and Building
  • Results!
  • Social Media Platform and more…