Our Owners’s favorite strategy session because it eliminates roadblocks to industry greatness.  Here is the opportunity you’ve always dreamed of – sitting down with a leading industry professional, where they are able to point you  in the right direction for your skills and talents.  Give you honest feedback and wisdom on how to truly tackle the industry   She has done it for thousands.  She can do the same for you

iSupport anticipates your competition, creates new opportunities and maximizes your growth. 

A customized solution with thof our highly skilled consultants that is guaranteed to transform your  industry status.  KMT is your one-stop solution for building your dream career in the modeling and entertainment industry!

Results From iSupport...

The advantages of meeting with a KMT Consultant near you…
  • Industry Connection – Full access to our rolodex of industry professionals.
  • Submission to Industry Jobs/Gigs.
  • How to be your own agent
  • A strategic plan of action; designed specifically for your needs.
  • Round table with Ms. Katrell, other agents and photographers.
  • Portfolio building/guidance
  • Measuring Potential for your Market.
  • Resume Building
  • Audition Prep 
  • Website Structure and Building
  • Results!
  • Social Media Platform and more…