Q & A

How do I get into the industry?

This is the million dollar question!

The answer is easy. But only after you answer 2 really important questions for KMT: Are you ready to put in the work needed not only to get “in” the industry but making a lasting impression?  What are your motives?  If you can answer/define those 2 correctly, then KMT has the strategy to leading you into a dynamic direction in the industry.

What do I get out of speaking or meeting with a KMT Advisor?

Our KMT Industry Guru offer 30+ years of experience in the fashion and entertainment industries by the leader and owner Katrell Mendenhall. Katrell’s guidance, access to resources, agents, managers, casting directors and other top industry professionals is matchless to anything else offered.  KMT offers a strategy that has been tried and tested by thousands of models and actors on their new found journey to a successful career. Most people take 8-10 pages of notes from these sessions alone

Do I need any experience to speak with or meet a KMT Advisor?

KMT’s Industry Guru are for those who want to advance their career in the modeling or acting industry.  For those in a beginning phase or with experience under their belt. No level of experience is required.  All clients will leave with a heightened level of their place in the industry, exposure to what seems to be untouchable recourses needed to be successful. As well as equipped with tools and information for a lasting journey into the industry.

How long is the consultation?  What happens if I want more time?

These 1-on-1 sessions offer you the chance to speak with the KMT’s Industry Guru to assemble a nuts-and-bolts strategy to take your career to the next level using The 7 Forces of Industry Mastery. Once your session is booked, a questionnaire will be sent to your email. We ask for the questionnaire to be filled out and returned within 24 hours, so the Industry Guru can prepare for your Call, Video Chat or In-Person strategy session.  Each session is an hour with the option to extend by the hour. Sessions must be booked prior to strategy consultation.

What if I book a strategy session with a KMT Industry Guru but for some reasons can not attend?

Strategy sessions are non-refundable. However, if you’re unable to attend for ANY reasons, you will receive credit for a future KMT strategy session.