The New Packaging of KMT


Letter From Owner:

Hello KMTians (current and future)!!

Happy New Year!  Is anyone else jumping through the roof excited about what the future holds? !  After some much needed rest, my team and I were able to regroup, repackage and relaunch what I can boldly say is KMT, at it’s finest!  We are elated to stand in our truth with what we believe and has been proven to be the solution to everyone’s industry’s needs. We guarantee by applying these methods you will see a drastic difference in your industry status. KMT has witnessed countless careers SOAR beyond their imagination and in 2018, we are introducing the world to our secret. The key to having 75% of our talent be  successful while under the KMT umbrella.

Life is interesting! And, God has a funny sense of humor.  In 2016, I started specifically praying for God to show me how to restructure KMT.  There were many nights, I would leave the Office in tears because I thought I wasn’t being heard. I would stress and ask myself how am I going to grow my talent? My business or their future without revamping?  God wasn’t listening to me!  It was only when I was forced to sit down in a quiet spot for almost a year — to learn — it was ME, not God, who wasn’t listening. Ironically enough,the repackaging consists of three steps in which KMT had in rotation without it ever be given a title.  God had us in rehearsal, but now it’s SHOWTIME!

The New Us is repackaged! Not a revamp.  The foundation is still on solid ground for each of our talents (existing and new) dreams to be rooted for growth.

KMT is making it ALL happen for every hopeful through iConsultiSupport and iConnect.

Thank you to our current roster of insanely talented beauties and beaus who stood with me in my absence. Your thoughts and prayers were felt and much appreciated.  Now let’s get to work!  KMT is back in your face but Never left your hearts. Standing in our Truth — Bigger, Better and Greater for 2018!

Much Success and Love to All,

Ms. Katrell