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What exactly is iConsult & iSupport?

Are you still confused about the guaranteed results you get from iConsult & iSupport?

Here’s the Breakdown (for those who don’t like to read; watch the video below):

iConsult – is a customized solution with one of our skilled consultants or Ms. Katrell (if you’re lucky) that is guaranteed to transform your industry status.  It’s an hour of power… linking you to safe industry connections, strategizing a step-by-stepgame plan that is tailored for your body type, look and your desires.


iSupport – anticipates the competition, creates new opportunities and maximizes your growth. It’s a 6 month commitment to unleashing the model or actor within.  It’s our Owner’s favorite strategy session because it eliminates roadblocks to industry success. KMT will hold your hand and be a strong support system for what’s to come.


iConnect – creates a perfect experience for brining your industry dreams to life. From your talent abilities to our industry connections it’s a guaranteed reality for being a signed model or actor.